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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ruffly & Scrunchy Scarves

I am just learning about the adorable accessory of scarves. Here are 2 tutorials, one I have tried, and one I hope to try soon:

1-  The recycled t-shirt scarf.  I'll spare you my pictures, since the t-shirt I used was construction worker orange.  The pictures from Ruffles & Stuff are much cuter.

All you do here is cut jersey knit fabric into 4 inch squares. Lay out your scarf with the corner of each square touching the center of the square before. The first time I made this I pinned it, and the second time, I just layered them as I was feeding them through the machine. 
The original tutorial talked about how long the scarf was. I made mine with 50 squares, divided in half and sewn into two identical scarves.  From there I lined them up so that they were offset on the bottoms by a square or two, to soften the bottom line as it hung, and did some quick stitching in the center of the length to hold the two scarves together as one. Did that make any sense? Perhaps I better make one more just for the photos.

This next scarf looks too cute! I don't know where my love of ruffles, scallops, and all things softy came from, but what better way to display it than this scarf from Hope Studios.

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