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Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween Decor 2011

It turns out my 4 year old loves Halloween.  We have been crafting and decorating for a couple of weeks.  I am excited about how the decor turned out this year.  Last year's Halloween tree got thrown out, much to the pleasure of my husband (who was always bumping into it while it was out and having to shuffle it around the shed in the off season. )  This year's replacement is so much better!
 I got some curly willow from someones spring pruning, thank you online classifieds. I put them in an urn, filled the base with gravel, and topped with stringy moss.  Add three dollar store ravens and the tree is done. 

My aunt posted her halloween decor pictures and at first glance I thought her giant candycorn looked to be made out of jute.  I was excited, I am loving natural textures these days.  It turns out her's were not, but once the idea was in my mind, I couldn't get it out. Here are the ones I made, and they have a space saving secret!  I'll post a tutorial soon.

This spooky bug display is just a re-purposed frame, burlap background, hot glue, and dollar store bugs.  I did have to buy 2 bags to get enough black bugs.  

The spooky eye artwork was one of our favorites!  I found out about the graphics fairy and downloaded a bunch of pictures.  Then did a few google searches for antique portraits for the rest.  I had them printed, bought some googly eyes, and got out my scrapbooking sticky dots.  They were so easy, my 6 year old made some of them.   We added them to frames from around the house and they were ready to go.
What decor have you made this year?


  1. Love your fun decorations. I like the candy corn from jute and painted...I have seen them with yarn but I like yours better. The old photo's are great too. Are you going to use the tree branches all year long...snowflakes and twinkle lights for winter, hearts, vintage cards for Valentines, etc. Make sure you post something on FB so more people will come to your blog!

  2. Love it! I especially love the candy corn decorations..I will look forward to the tutorial.

  3. I love it all...escpecially the pictures!

  4. Richie did not make that comment by the way. It was me. Thanks for some great ideas!