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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Diaper Rash Miracle Coctail

It isn't very often that we have to deal with honest to goodness diaper rash. This week has been the exception. Sometimes we get redness that regular creams seem only to aggravate. Last night my little lady's skin was so red and blistered, I called in the calvary. I searched far and wide for other peoples' posted solutions. I racked my memory for the treatment we used when she was a tiny baby. And the miracle answer was right in my medicine cabinet. Two things I always have post pregnancy/delivery. Liquid antacid and lanolin cream!

I remembered being taken off guard when our pediatrician recommended pouring liquid antacid into the fresh diapers before putting them on to ease the burning of frequent diarrhea. The idea joined the practical and absurd in a way that seared it to my memory.

Here is the formula:
1. When changing a messy diaper, take care not to rub & aggravate the skin. Some people choose to rinse their babies' bottoms in a bath to avoid frequent scrubbing with wipes.

2. Allow the little bottom to air dry while you prepare the treatment.

3. Pour liquid antacid into the fresh diaper. I poured in around a Tablespoon and rolled it back and forth in the area where the diaper would cover the rash. I then folded the diaper and rubbed the excess liquid into place.

4. Squeeze lanolin cream onto your palm and use your finger to rub/tap/smear it around until it is soft and pliable.

5. Using your finger, dab cream onto irritated skin. Be generous!

*as a note: when I tried this out last night my little one had gone to sleep with a messy diaper. (Not the result of bad mothering, only a baby who poops in bed and doesn't care to tell me about it) I first put on the diaper with antacid. 1/2 hour- 1 hour later I went in with the lanolin cream and found the redness already greatly reduced. After that initial treatment I am following the steps above.

If you try this, a variation of this, or something totally different, let me know! I would love to know what works for everyone else.


  1. thank you for posting this! my little girl has the most sensitive skin (seriously! we have to use Pampers diapers and Aquaphor cream EVERY time!!) and she has STILL had a rash for the past couple of days. I will try this tonight =)

    1. My kids had the same problem, until I tried Bagbalm. It was made for cows udders and boy does it work for diaper rashes. Some stores carry it next to the daiper rash medicines. I first tried it 34 years ago and now use it on my grandkids. You'll love it, Debbie