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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tutorial: Homemade Maternity Pillow

Last night I had my first good night's sleep in weeks. Trying to arrange pillows comfortably around a pregnant body and not push the husband out of the bed in the process is something I have yet to master.

I was not willing to buy a big, expensive maternity pillow, though I am sure they work great. Instead I took two old flatty pillows that were hanging around my linen closet, sat down at my sewing machine, and this project was born. Here's how I did it.

You will need: 
  • 2 old flat pillows.
  • A sewing machine and heavy duty thread, or a good needle, thread,  and some patience.
  • A jersey knit pillowcase(great because it stretches) or other large pillowcase/sham,  or sew yourself a case if you are crafty!  Whichever you choose, you just need room for your two pillow rolls to fit in and leave a gap in the middle for you.
Step 1
Select pillows.  You could use one big fluffier pillow or just a bunch of batting in a pinch, but that requires more sewing, splitting the stuffing and making them their own pillow forms.  It worked for me to get out thin old pillows that no one wanted to use. They were the perfect size for this as well.
Step 2
Fold in half the long way, to form a skinny roll, and pin the edges. This may get a bit tough in places, try to push the batting away from the seam and then pin it.

Step 3
Thread your machine with heavy duty thread. Mine may have been a bit too thick, I had a tough time getting the machine threaded, not to mention the fun it gave me while sewing. You could give it two passes with regular thread.

Sew down your new seam, removing the pins as you go.  I ended up pulling my fabric taught from each side of the machine to help smooth the fabric and direct it under the foot.  It still looks a little rough, but it will certainly do!
Step 4
Repeat with second pillow.
 Get your pillowcase and put those babies in there!  I put the seams facing each other
 See how there is a good bit of slack between the two pillow rolls?
 Enough that I could fold it up like this:
 I couldn't model the pillow and take a picture at the same time, so I substituted two pillows for the pregnant body. Just lay on the center space and let the rolls support your back and belly. Plus, they won't shift in the night, because you are laying on the pillowcase and holding them right in place. 
Enjoy your good nights rest and tell me how it worked for you!


  1. I could have used this idea awhile ago. Oh well. I'll just have to hope for good sleep when this baby comes out.