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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentines Hair

Well, leave it to me to take a theme to the max! I am planning to do my Little Princess's hair in piggies or a ponytail with a heart shape for her class party. There are a few blogs that give demo's on how to do this.

My fave is this one. It is simple and I think it is pretty with no parts running under it. I gave it a try with twists instead of braids, it was a fail. The twists loosen when you bend them into the heart shape. Stick with braids!

Also, here is a version we used this year with our shorter haircuts.  I just sectioned off the top, split it into a large top and a smaller bottom, and followed the tutorial.  Basically, put a pony in the center of the top portion, flip it toward the face. Tie a ribbon around it if you want some color.  Split the ponytail, and braid each part, including one strand of the ribbon in each braid. Then bend them back and secure them in a ponytail with the bottom section.  I used bobby pins to secure the arches on the hearts.

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