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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cutting Shelf Liner (Contact Paper) on Silhouette

If you can get by with adhesive shelf liner instead of vinyl-it is much less expensive! The roll I bought is 18 inches (twice as wide) by 24 feet (more than twice as long). For the same price or less than the average vinyl roll.

Some tips I am learning along the way:
  • The less intricate, the better. It is too thin to do fine work on.
  • Set the blade at 1
  • If the paper is curling, use a mat or bend it to help it straighten, otherwise it will fold under the blade as the machine cuts.
  • Transfer tape is too strong for the adhesive on my paper. I get suitable, but not perfect results using press n' seal food wrap
  • More tips are coming as I learn them...


  1. Thanks....I am always looking for ways to save money with my Cricut.

  2. I recently used white contact paper in lieu of vinyl for a wall decor project. After cutting out the letters, I used dry wall tape as transfer tape and it worked just fine. I haven't tried using press n' seal, but I liked how well the dry wall tape worked.

    Thanks for the tips! I was wondering if I could run some contact paper through a Silhouette for a glass etching project I have in the works. :)