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Monday, January 24, 2011

Thrift Store Cherubs

 I have been working on my Valentines decor for the Hutch.  I thought some kind of little cherub or cupid statue would be great, but didn't want to fork out the money to buy one.  I don't go to the thrift store often, but found myself there one random day. And I spent 50 cents a piece on these beauties.
 Why yes, that is some gold leaf type finish on there.
Out came the spray paint. Love that stuff!
The one on the left has been painted and glazed. The right one has only been painted.
One of the best days of my craft shopping career? The day I came across this can of mistinted glaze at the building supply store.

See the tannish gold color? that is what it was. I talked the guy at the paint counter into re-tinting it for me.  A nice shade of gray. It has been the perfect color for all my antiquing. And nothing beats a whole can for $2.50!
In the end, these two came out perfectly, and will make their grand appearance on an upcoming post of my Valentine hutch decor. 

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