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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Backyard bowling

Or indoor bowling, whatever use you want it to serve! We were looking for something to do together for FHE tonight, and our 4 year old proclaimed that she had never been bowling. We looked up the costs, hours, and availability, and decided it would be best to have a bowling practice night at home.

I pulled out some items I already had on hand. Colorful plastic drinking cups, craft rice (regular rice that has been handled, crafted with, or is otherwise no longer sanitary for consumption), packing tape, and twist top plastic baggies.We measured 1/3 cup of rice into each baggie, tied the top, and put it into a plastic cup. Then we flipped another cup over, lined up the rims, and taped them together. After making 10 pins, we placed them at the end of our hall. (Who knew wood floors would be so handy.)

From there all we needed was a ball. We gave our little ones a basketball and the adults used an oversize tennis ball. A strip of blue painting tape served as the lane marker, and we had a great time.

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