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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Scrabble Party

Today we celebrated my Grandmother's 87th birthday. This spunky little lady loves to play Scrabble. As a matter of fact, we play it nearly every Sunday evening. So when it was time to plan the birthday celebration, we went with the Scrabble theme.

We started by making a banner using the font named Tilez. We enlarged the font so one letter fit per page, adjusted the margins so the letters were centered, and printed on appropriately colored cardstock. Then we took a regular hole punch, some 7/8 inch satin ribbon, and threaded the whole thing up. We simply taped together her name for the vertical tiles, since it was short and the majority of it hung below and needed no support.
We wanted to keep it simple, so we assigned everyone to bring their own pizza and drinks. We provided tossed salad and dessert.
My mom was awesome and made Scrabble cookies and cupcakes that had all the letters to spell "Happy Birthday Grandma"
We asked everyone to come with a token/gift to give Grandma that represented a memory of her. It was a hoot, I would highly recommend it for a Parent or Grandparent's birthday. Some examples included:
  • An Easter egg decoration from a granddaughter who cherished making Sugar Eggs together.
  • A can of aquanet from some grandsons who asked for hairspray and learned all about aerosol!
  • A pair of gardening gloves from a granddaughter who remembered long mornings in the raspberry patch.
  • A basket of fresh baked bread and homemade jam from a son who remembered coming home from school to those handcrafted treats.
  • Reusable shopping bags from a granddaughter who remembers weekly shopping trips, and how Grandma would ask for paper in plastic, to get the sturdiness of paper and the handles of plastic.

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