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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Travel Treats

We made it back from our adventure, and now it is time to post all the projects that helped pull it off.

I packed up our travel treats in three different containers. The first, and most exciting for kids:

The craft box treat case!
of course, the candy parts were most popular, but she grazed the other compartments as well, and got some practice rationing out her favorites, since I told her these were her treats for the whole trip. These would work just fine on a lap, but we employed a lap desk, and an airplane tray would work great too. Plus, now it is empty, I have a new place to organize all my threads and bobbins!

Now, I couldn't very well give a tray like this to our Walking Baby. She throws food for thrills, and this one wouldn't last a minute. I grabbed our favorite snack dispensing cups with reach in lids and made a mix of sweet snacks in one, salty snacks in the other. It worked well for her to have something with handles that was also spill resistant. (These cups are made by Munchkin)Then, for the kid in all of us, I emptied the treat snacks I had left into plastic freezer jam jars. These ones hold two cups each, and many of our snacks fit perfectly. Plus, they snap together for stacking and fit into our cupholders, which really cut down on spilling.
And don't forget some drinks! Happy snacking!


  1. oh sister. This has your name written all over it!

  2. I agree. This is very Andrea. It its perfect! I will be doing this for our next road trip!