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Monday, July 13, 2009

Hair Fixin' Essentials

We have a lot of hair at our house. And I try to style it all at least once a day. (Sometimes it could use it multiple times, but that is another post.)
We use a shower caddy to to keep it all together. We just upgraded to a caddy with dividers instead of a one bin deal. So much better! And so cute, I had to share.

These are the essientials:
1- A spray bottle that makes a gentle mist. I like to put warm water in to make it less shoking to little ones.

2- Detangling spray. I use this religiously, as well as conditioner after shampooing for longer hair.

3- Spray gel- provides a bit more detangling action, style control, and flyaway management.

4a- A good brush- I like the paddle kind with the flexible bed, it is softer on the scalp.

4b- A comb/pick. I know these go by another name, but the function is clear here. Pick to part the sections, comb to smooth them. All in one handy tool!

5- I like ponytail holders that match the hair. We have an assortment of little rubberbands, pony-O's, and bobby pins in brown.

6- The most essential part! I keep a face lotion with spf in the kit for a daily reminder to apply it to all of our skin. The face lotion is a gentle alternative to the heavy duty stuff for mild sun exposure. Plus, I think any sunscreen degrades my rubber bands, so I dab this stuff onto all the skin exposed by the parts.

The sunscreen in the part is essential here. I was a fool one summer and spent a week at girls' camp with a head full of braids and no sun protection. Let me tell you how miserable it is to have a head criss-crossed with painful blisters. * Shiver*

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