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Monday, August 17, 2009

Sparkling Lights

I am starting to collect ideas for my girls' room. I am thinking a bit Victorian for a feminine touch, and chandeliers are the perfect touch!

Try Rosenberry Rooms for lots of inspiration. They have an extensive collection of adorable lighting, here are a few examples:

Yes, this next one is not a chandelier, but I love it anyway!
And here's a similar one from Kids Decor

The shade on this one intrigues me. It is VERY feminine.
Again, another version from Kids Decor.
Plus, every time I sleep somewhere without a ceiling fan I swear to my husband that we will install them in every bedroom. So here is an option that is functional and super cute
Or if you want a regular blade fan, here is a chandelier light attachment
Ah, the sparkling possibilities!

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