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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More Girl's Room Inspiration

My 4 year old has an eye for design.  She is constantly rearranging my decor and adding to it in her own special way.  Thus, my plans for her room are ever changing, I am trying to fulfill her desires and keep it looking nice to boot. ( If she had her way it would all be hot pink. From carpet to ceiling paint.)

I am thinking antique, pink, ivory, feminine. A princess room that a princess would have slept in, not a room with princess stickers all over the place. Here are some photos that remind me of elements I love.Enjoy

No, I am not putting a wine bar in the girls' room. But I love the look of antiqued furniture with ornate details. I imagine the bunk bed and vanity in something like this:
Here is a room with the softness and the basic color scheme we are going for, plus, who could resist a window seat.
My daughter gasped in awe when she saw this. She loves all things fancy and lovely.
Here is another.
and the bed that she loved

These bedding pics are inspiring me- vintage floral patchwork! I collected these without links, I'm afraid, if you know where they belong, let me know.

Keep checking back for more, for I intend to add to this collection as I come across new inspiration.


  1. Super cute room...Carly would love it too!

  2. Seems you and I have the same style. I dream of decorating my girls room like these rooms. Maybe that's why we are having all girls:)