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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to Survive kids + stomach flu

For the Bed:
Layer 1- Waterproof mattress pad + fitted sheet
Layer 2- Waterproof mattress pad + fitted sheet
(Yes, twice. Then you can pull the yucky layer away and be fresh and ready for more. Works well for potty accidents, too.)
We also recommend waterproof pillow protectors under the pillowcase.

For the floor:
Layer 1- Vinyl tablecloth
Layer 2-  Beach Towel(s) to cover
Layer 3- Garbage can, or our current fav, giant plastic bin, lined with black trash bag.  It has a large opening, better for 4 year old aiming under distress. Plus, easy clean up.

For any other room:
Repeat layers for floor, but apply to seating area (ie: couch) as well. Make a plastic lined, absorbent sicko zone.

And don't forget a few things for comfort after any stomach event:
Tissues for cleanup

A drink of water
Our favorite snack for upset tummies:
Oyster crackers- like soda crackers, but adorable and bite size
And a drink of what we call "Yellow Juice" to sneak in some fruits & veggies that are easy to digest. It's also good mixed with a little lemon/lime soda.

And a pile of movies to keep your little ones in their zone!

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