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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Fabric Rosettes

I have been loving the rolled/twisted fabric rosette tutorials and singed posie tutorials around the web.  I have been making them for everything!  They fit the vintage taste I am developing.

Here are some tutorials to get you started:
Posie Style:

  • Make It and Love It
  • Grace Laced
  • I attached my layers and decorated the centers by stitching "X's" on my posies.  I wanted to avoid any small parts for use on baby items.
Rosette Style:
  • My Sparkle
  • Studio 5
  • House of 3
  • I used parts of different tutorials.  I folded the strip lengthwise and tied a knot for the centers, hot glued to a felt circle (or a spare piece of the same fabric) and maintained the fold while rolling and folding around the center.  I hot glued as I went, attaching it to the base.   Try these with satin type fabric for a fancy sheen and good fray, or jersey knit for a softer, more casual look.
Jersey Knit

What to do with them?  This batch is for baby headbands.  I made mine with velcro dots to make them easily interchangeable. Plus, no hard clips to scrape or poke little baby heads.  I have also seen them for bib necklaces (like on the Studio 5 link,) as pins to decorate scarves, purses, etc., made out of muslin and glued around lampshades, or to decorate pillowcases,the sky is the limit.  My first batch went to personalize my diaper bag, to help me discern it from my Sister's, since we both fell in love with the same one.

If you make some, I would love to hear how you used them.

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  1. I like them both! I especially like the simplicity of the posie style. So cute! And I MUST know where you got that diaper bag...