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Friday, April 29, 2011

Creative kid's lunches

Little Miss S was talking about getting to eat lunch at school next year.  She is under the impression she can try the hot lunch every day and bring a backup cold lunch in case she doesn't like it.  I am inspired to find some creative cold lunch options for her.

I love the ideas served up by Kristen over at Cookie Cutter Lunch

We'll have to give some of her ideas a try this summer.   Here are links from the store where she buys her containers.  There are tons of mommy bloggers making bento style lunches.

Check out cutefoodforkids for tons of cute ideas, including this one little Miss T just called "hungry birds."  Appropriate, no?

Check out these other fun ideas:
 princess Lunch Punch
What's for Lunch at our house
 VeggieTales Bento Veggie Tales EasyLunchboxes
Kitchen fun with my 3 sons

School Lunch ideas .comFamily Fun has some great ideas, including this one for a sandwich on a stick.

Sandwich  on a Stick

I also remember the idea to collect cute and fun paper napkins to tuck into school lunches.  And with that writing notes on the napkin from time to time.

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  1. How fun! I also like to cut our apples like this: I send them with Brad sometimes on his way to school...he is too little to eat an apple whole I guess!