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Friday, May 20, 2011

Baby "Shower"

We held a baby shower for my sister-in-law last weekend.  I put my silhouette machine to work.  Thanks to my wonderful mother and sisters-in-law who made it happen. (And if you girls have any pictures of the whole patio, I didn't get one in all the stir! Send it over and I'll add it.)

This is the entry to the patio,
Guests signed in by leaving their advice for the Mommy-to-be.

The buffet table:
It was a little breezy- the raindrops dangled and twirled- they looked great, the photos don't really do them justice.
Little cloud picks in the sandwiches.

Thanks for "dropping" by!


  1. Cute! I love the lemon drops and your rain clouds. I hope you saved those cute decorations. I may have to borrow them.

  2. Cutest shower ever! Thanks again, you are amazing!!!