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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Your Own Little House

I have always had dreams of that perfect playroom that inspires creativity, imagination, and lots of fun while also providing organization, storage, and not being so wild it makes adults cringe!

Plus, who can resist a playroom that looks like a little house and has a functional doorbell? I would be in there all day!

If I remember right this next one was the facade to a full size playroom & dance studio.
All you need is a free corner for this little cottage

This one is totally hand painted! I think the only real parts are the door and window cutouts and the light. I took about 20 pictures of this one. The facade was an entire little European street! The inside included a loft, as pictured with the wrought iron balcony. Rapunzel & Juliet would have to fight for their turns up there.

Now these next three pictures were roomates. As in, they were both inside one large playroom!

The sandcastle had a real sand finish including inset seashells, plus the top was a loft.

Mom probably wishes she could sleep in this hammock. Note the real grasses on the rear "beach" wall.
This little cottage had an interior ladder to take you down a mini slide.

But wait. Just in case you can't find a cozy or exciting place to play in the castle, hammock, or cottage, you can just kick back here.

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