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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chocolate egg decorations

I want to make chocolate egg decorations. Dow Chemical Company has a description page covering different ways to decorate their Styrofoam eggs. I am a bit intrigued about the section Under Cover, that mentions dipping eggs in melted crayons for a nice sheen. I like the sound of that. Now I need a bunch of crayons!
Here is a tutorial from them on specifically making chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies. I love it!

And another, similar one telling how to make eggs then put them on a wreath.

I like the chocolate on chocolate look, but here are some pictures I have collected for reference. Here are some instructions for making a flat backed egg, great for magnets.

Some of the different instructions I have seen for adding a smooth coat to foam eggs include:
Drywall compound
Spackling compound
air-dry modeling compound (clay)
Crafters Glue

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