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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Car seat neck pillows

I was trying to make our long car trip a bit more comfy for the girls when they would be sleeping. I am usually reaching back, trying to stuff blankets between the drooping heads and the edge of the carseat. I looked into the little neck pillows, but couldn't see how adding anything behind the neck would help them be comfy, since their little heads droop forward sometimes as it is.

I decided to put my limited sewing skills to use and sew up side pillows that would hold their heads steady. The first ones I made started out looking like a stubby, plump, letter L, but after sewing and stuffing, turned more into little stocking feet shapes. I guess I could have just found a pair of socks. Go figure. I attatched them to ribbons and secured them to the back of the headrest with a binder clip. Binder clips are my new best friend. This shape helped hold under her chin a bit as well as eliminating room for her head to tip and wobble around. I think they worked well.

Here is my older daughter, using a bunch of my trip creations. See the other travel posts for details. I didn't get a good shot of her headrests, but they were essentially sewn rectangles. I got lazy and decided to stitch them right sides out to make it easier to close after stuffing. I sewed ribbons into each short end, and just tied them to the side of her seat. They may have looked a bit like plump maxi pads on strings. Oh well, they worked!

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