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Friday, June 19, 2009

Cool Your Home for Less

We use this method in place of AC for as long as the temperature permits.

There are many websites that detail the best way to do this, but here is the general idea. Cool and ventilate your home by placing a fan blowing out on one end of the home, and opening a window on the other side. This creates a negative pressure and draws cool nighttime air into your home.

I try to follow the recommended AC setting of 78 degrees. So if the nighttime low is going to be below this we pull out the fans and cool through the morning hours. I shut the windows when the sun comes up to retain the cool air. Sometimes this is enough to get us through the day without AC at all.

We also use ceiling fans to create a breeze- that works similarly to a wind chill and makes it feel even cooler.

Here are some sites with details:

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