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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Must Paint Everything!

I sure wish I had 2 weeks to paint all the hand-me-down, garage sale furniture in my house. I am totally inspired these days.  My new favorite site? Better After. Check it out for inspiration of your own.

I also came across this adorable headboard today over at the Twiddle Thumbs blog. How adorable is this! I think this style is perfect for that girl's room I have been planning.


  1. Oh my goodness! that is the cutest headboard I have ever seen! I want one!

  2. Hi, it's Anisa, over at It was so fun to see my headboard on your blog... thanks!!! I just have to tell you that I have 3 boys... no girls. So I have been having fun decorating my guest bedroom very girly. And I paint everything. I just finished a headboard and nightstand for my baby's room. I guess I'll have to post those on my blog soon. Thanks for posting about us on your blog!!!