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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer of Storytime Fun - Giggle, Giggle, Quack


& tie to book
Watch story video
Fun Lunch
Farmhouse sandwich with white bread bottom and wheat bread roof,  pretzel square window;  pretzel rod tree with broccoli top;  lunchmeat grass; Garden plot: pudding with cookie crumbs, green licorice plants. Duck pick: printed and cut out from internet search,  surrounded by petite celery sticks . baby carrots, and dill dip.
Meal, Days of the week recognition
Pizza Night (Tuesday)
Order pizza for dinner
Bubble Bath Sensory activity
Day of week
Take a bubble bath or give toys a bubble bath (Wednesday)

Movie Night  Day of the week
Movie Night (Thursday)
Watch a movie with popcorn
Writing Skills
Write notes like duck
Write notes to mail out or give to someone at home.
Visit a farm
Go meet all the animals on a farm.
Links for more ideas

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