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Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer of Storytime Fun - If You Give Pig A Party

My birthday is this week, so this book was a perfect fit.

& tie to book
Number & color recognition
Coloring Activity Page
Party & ice cream

Themed Meal
Piggy Sandwich:  open flatbread bun, w/slice of turkey face & circle of bologna nose, olive eyes and nostrils  
Pig in the mud:
Chocolate pudding,  1/2 pink marshmallow w/licorice tail.
Fruit pick:
 bananas and kiwi on plastic pick with paper pig topper made on silhouette machine.
Watermelon pig:
slice of watermelon with impression from vintage cookie cutter. 
Hide and Seek
Play Hide and Seek
Blanket fort & Sleepover
Build a blanket fort and sleep in it!

Online Matching Game

Links for more ideas

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  1. FUN TIMES ANDREA! I can remember planning out the summer activities with weekly themes for my kids too: swimming lesson/swim team, art classes, library, craft time,field trips, each day we had an activity to look forward to.

    Our street had a ton of little boys who roamed from house to house like a little pack of dogs all summer. I got with another mother who had SEVEN boys and we planned a day together for our boys to hang out...we did a lot of cub scout and boy scout stuff. Carly was like one of the boys and just tagged alone!

    When she was a little older I did the brownie girl scout leader thing with her...not that I am completely sold on that program but it put her with little girls and friends her I tailored it to fit a more LDS standard.